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It's sickening. For ages now we've been saying that the rulers clique are laughing at us and it just gets truer every day that passes. They no longer try to hide it, why should they put that amount of effort in when we are powerless. If we had power of any kind, we would not have had Patel as Home Sec. and we would not have Braverman as Home Sec. now. Kwarteng and his ridiculous ideas and Truss and her frankly insane ideas, would never have been a thing. Yet here we are, told by the Bank of England to accept that we are now poorer and just to get on with it.

Finally this corrupt appointment to the BBC, designed to wreck the BBC, has had to give up and go because if the focus remained on him there was more likelihood of Johnson picking up some of the brown smelly stuff as a result. It's all about protecting their own. This man will have another fabulously well paid job in the bag in a few weeks.

How is it even possible that a PM could not live on the PM's salary?! It shows a terrible lack of concern for the ordinary people if they can't trim their lifestyle to fit that sort of money given they have 2 free homes for the duration. All that fuss about the flat decoration!!! I just want to put these people in Stocks and throw rotten food at them for a few hours then transfer them to a prison cell and leave them there for a long time. I am approaching retirement age now, with no hope of a pension I could live on and therefore no chance of retiring despite some health issues that make working exhausting. I have a small business that was supposed to run on into our old age and provide a nice little income with employees taking the strain of the day to day heavy lifting. But Brexit killed that for me. Now it's barely hanging on and I have not been able to take an income for a few months. There are no longer any staff. I am in despair of the future. I used to have nothing but hope.

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and Chris Mason "accidentally" reports inaccurate news re. Johnson's leadership bid, at a coincidentally crucial stage of proceedings... I was shouted down for calling that propaganda at the time! So grateful to have you and James on duty btw, consistently reassuring slices of sanity.

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